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International law

General aspects

Ever since the 60s, the Firm takes on counselling activities in the field of international law, on different levels, dealing with the full range of judicial and extrajudicial activities.

More specifically, the Firm is active in the following fields:

Public international law

The Firm excels in offering professional counselling in relation to the different branches of international law, drafting opinions and representing natural and legal persons, both of Italian and foreign nationality, in the context of several issues, namely on the subjects of immunity from the Italian jurisdiction, diplomatic and consular law, international environmental law, international economic law, law of the sea, etc.

The Firm represents and defends its clients before several international fora by virtue of its history and experience, both in the field of litigation on the subject of human rights and in the other branches of the sector.

Private international law

The Firm gained a consolidated experience in cases that have international connotations and therefore often require the application of private international law.

In particular, the Firm obtained countless recognitions of foreign judgments and has taken care of their execution on several occasions, both with regard to judgments of EU Member States and with reference to the pronouncements of judges from third countries.

On the subject of private international law, the Firm has also dealt with issues of filiation and child protection; private international family law; donations and inheritances; goods in transit.

Internationalization of companies

Since the 70s, the Firm has been involved in the field of internationalization of companies operating in Europe, in countries like Hungary and Poland, as well as in Asia, specifically in China, India and the Philippines, and in North Africa, in Libya and Algeria.

Such activity is not limited to exporting the business of Italian companies beyond national borders: the Firm has been involved in assisting foreign companies that have decided to invest directly in Italy, and it has also provided advice to numerous foreign governments, such as Libya, Algeria, Cuba, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Poland, Hungary, etc. In addition, it has assisted to the diplomatic representations of these countries in Italy.

Thanks to a vast network of correspondents in many countries of the world, the Firm assists Italian companies in the process of internationalization. Specifically, the activity concerns the establishment of consortia, joint venture, procurement contracts and on-site assistance to companies.

Finally, the Firm looks after the interests of numerous foreign companies operating in Italy, both public and private.


The Firm also assists its clients in disputes before arbitration panels, including international ones, in the capacity of both defense lawyers and arbitrators with regard to the most diverse matters: in particular, professor Anton Giulio Lana and Francesco Rosi have been appointed arbitrators several times in matters of international importance, respectively in the field of private and public works procurements.

Moreover, the Firm assists Italian and foreign clients in exequatur of arbitral decisions rendered in third countries, pursuant to the New York Convention of 10 June 1958.

International child abductions

In addition, the activity of the Firm focuses on the drafting and adoption of protective instruments provided by the law and aimed at protecting the child in case of misuse of parental responsibility. The Firm has distinguished itself in this field thanks to some battles with a wide resonance in the national press, which were fought on the subject of the unlawful transfer or non-return of children abroad, a matter disciplined by the Hague Convention of 1980 and the Luxembourg Convention of the same year, both made enforceable in our system by Law no. 64 of 15 January 1994, as supplemented by the aforementioned EU Regulation no. 2201/2003.

International adoptions

With many years of experience in the field, the Firm takes care of all the formalities relating to the adoption and foster care of Italian or foreign children.

Not only do our professionals deal with the bureaucratic aspects before the competent courts, but they also guide the future parents on the more practical aspects, especially concerning international adoptions, thanks to the network of relationships gained through years of experience (e.g. with the Commission for International Adoptions).

Consulting with foreign embassies

Since the 60s, the Firm has been a reference point for a number of foreign embassies, and it provides advice on the various international profiles that arise from time to time.

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